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The Unspoken Rules of Instagram

Instagram has a whole page or three of terms of service that all users must abide to when using the site. The rules vary but are made to keep the platform safe and enjoyable for every user. However, the rules of this site don’t stop with the TOS, as any user will attest. In fact, there are many unspoken rules of the site that you should adhere to. Following the unspoken rules of Instagram prevents you from getting a ban from the site or experiencing other hardships. But exactly what are the unspoken rules of Instagram?

Do Your Worst

Who doesn’t love to post these great photos of years gone by? A good #TBT photo is one that is as humanly embarrassing as possible. So, if you can dig a little deeper into the picture pile to find a photo that your friend will hate you for posting, by all means, go ahead, within reason, of course.

Don’t Ignore Comments

When people take the time to interact on your posts, make sure that you engage with them. Ignoring comments is an easy way to cause an audience that doesn’t stick around very long. The more actively you engage in conversation, the better your audience will respond to your efforts. Besides, when you engage with the audience, the site is much more fun and you will enjoy every second you spend on the site.

Lots of Followers

You want your photos to get lots of likes but you also need an account that people like and want to follow. Make sure you promote your IG page on other sites, create great content, and you can get the results that you want and need to have fun with this site.

Create a Theme

When you choose a theme for your photos, you’ll attract people to your page who especially want to know more about what you have. It doesn’t matter what type of theme you want, it is easy to get the audience using this social media platform.

Market the Right Way

Businesses use IG to market their products and services. If you wish to get the word out that your brand exists or wish to highlight new products, you can use the platform to do just that. There are many ways to attract new faces to your page. One is with the purchase of likes for your photos. You can find a company to buy 50 Instagram likes from to start things off.

Choose Photos Wisely

If you’re uploading the same pictures as everyone else, people don’t have a reason to follow you. Make sure you choose fresh content and photos to upload to your page and give people a reason to check out what you’re doing.

The unspoken rules of IG aren’t posted on the site anywhere to see. They’re simply rules that Instagram users know and follow. Some of those rules are outlined above. Make sure the time is taken to familiarize yourself with the unspoken rules of the site and put your knowledge to work every time you log into the site.

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